Lace Dresses

Airy, romantic, glamorous, playful… lace dresses reflect your mischievous side, inviting your skin to reveal itself in a feminine game of peek-a-boo. Sheer lace dresses are daring and dramatic, lending themselves to creatively contrasting outfits reminiscent of the height of 80s fashion.

Seductive Lace Dresses

Looking for party dresses that make a statement? Lace dresses are the way to go. This feminine fabric introduces gorgeous detailing to the simplest bridal dresses, but weddings are far from the only occasion it befits. The lovely material lends itself to creative styles for your everyday looks, and knows how to channel all your elegance for those dressy evenings.

Lace Dresses by Maje

From openwork mini dresses to sheer maxi dresses with graphic cut-outs, short embroidered shirt dresses, and long satin dresses with a lace décolletage, Maje’s collection of lace dresses explores many different styles. Whether you favor sleeveless dresses or more covering gowns, our range of lace dresses has something for everyone.

How to Style Your Lace Dresses?

Because of their built-in embellishments, lace dresses are easily the center of attention in an outfit, and an overly accessorized look will only take away from their inherent shine. Here are a few tips that can make all the difference. Keep your undergarments neutral if they make an appearance under your dress. High-waisted briefs and solid bralettes are your best bet. Contrasting accessories can bring out the femininity of this ethereal dress. Think leather or faux leather jackets, denim jackets denim jackets, different-colored boots, or a colorful handbag. Don’t hesitate to combine aesthetics by wearing sneakers or combat boots alongside your sheer lace dress to create an interesting contrast. Wear high heels and a belt to emphasize your figure, or keep it simple by letting your long lace dress fall naturally, wearing ballet flats to complete the look.

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