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Little Black Dress

Few items of clothing are more essential than the revered little black dresses . No wardrobe is complete without it, and most of us have found it to be a saving grace at one point or another. But while this garment is a timeless classic, it also keeps reinventing itself, giving us ample opportunity to put black dresses on center stage and create superbly personal outfits.

One Little Black Dress, One Thousand Possibilities

From graphic mini dresses to flowy maxi dresses , elegant satin dresses , and preppy tweed dresses , there’s a whole world of possibilities. Black has your back in every situation, giving you a sophisticated canvas on which to paint the perfect look for any function. Play with shapes and materials to fit your mood, and add shoes and accessories to match the occasion. Voilà: an effortless ensemble that works every time.

Little Black Dresses by Maje

Maje’s collection features several creative iterations of the little black dress. party dresses with embroidered sequins, trendsetting sleeveless dresses with graphic cut-outs, 2-in-1 dresses for even more styling options, comfy knit dresses … All of them are unique and easy to make your own.

A Black Dress for Every Shape

While black dresses are always flattering, some cuts naturally enhance certain body types. Hourglass figures look their best in A-line dresses, V-necklines, and cinched-in waistlines. To complement an athletic frame, nothing beats sheath dresses, U-necklines, and dresses with lower waistlines and a slight flare. For those with generous hips, adding volume to the upper half creates a sense of proportion, as do open necklines. A dress with a flare will give you more room where you need it without being loose at the top. And, for more rounded figures, the best option is to draw attention to the upper body. Drop-waist dresses, belted styles, and swing dresses are excellent choices.

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