Check store inventory

Each of our stores can view the inventory of the entire network. To determine if an item of interest if available in one of our boutiques we recommend to contact the store nearest you. For the contact information of our stores, visit the store locations section of our website at the following link :

Finding old collections

To locate items from past seasons, we invite you to visit our store locator for a list of our outlet shops.

Item availability

When an item is temporarily unavailable on our online store, we would suggest subscribing to our e-mail alert service.

What is an e-mail alert service?

The e-mail alert service informs you by e-mail of the arrival of a product on our online store. It is activated in each product description as soon as a size is unavailable.

How do you use the e-mail alert service?

How do you use the e-mail alert service?To use the e-mail alert service, you should go to the product's unavailable size and enter your e-mail address in the alert service window.

I received the e-mail alert notifying me of the item's availability, but it isn't there.

The e-mail alert is only sent as soon as the product is in stock again at our online store. However, we cannot guarantee that the product is available as other customers might have purchased the product before you came onto our website.

The item no longer appears on the website. Why?

You might not see several items in our online store again at the end of the season. These products are withdrawn by our maintenance service as they are not available or restocked up to the end of the season.

Product photos

The essential characteristics of items are presented in our online store on each of the item pages. Images, photos and colours of items sold may, however, not correspond to the actual colour.

Size of products

To know what sizes correspond to at Maje, we recommend that you check the size guide found on each product page.