Maje is coming up with a holiday that feels just right: sweet and generous, with a more sustainable approach. A joyful, festive and loving time that we can all share, together

A season of full of lucky charms, sparkly dresses and a special eco¬friendly christmas gift capsule: “remade with love”.
The must-have.
It requires no introduction. And yet, for each season, we introduce it again. That’s because the M bag loves to surprise us with new accents and unprecedented materials and colors. Once again this year, it will be a unanimous hit and a natural pick in the “favorite gift” category.
Iconic, timeless, a must-have: you can’t go wrong.
Tens of new ideas,
right here.
Small leather goods, gold-plated jewelry or sequinned dresses… Gift ideas from Maje Paris to help you find the perfect present for the people you love.
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