• In 1965, Léon Claude Duhamel was sitting on the veranda of Café de la Paix in Paris, when he saw a woman pass by wearing clothing made of nylon. He was inspired with the idea to create unisex, coloured raingear that was waterproof and hooded. He launched K-way which achieved staggering success between 1965 and 1992, selling 45 million units worldwide. Mr Duhamel originally was to name his product "en cas de" but its communications agency advised him to find a more international name with an American touch. The brand was ultimately called K-way. In 2004, the brand was bought out by an Italian group, Basic net, which also owns the Superga and Kappa brands. K-way is currently undergoing a global relaunch and has two shops in Paris, one in Milan and one in New York.

    From this product, Maje has created a fashionable accessory by voluntarily transitioning it from its outdoor and raingear sector. This collaboration is precisely in tune with the times, with sports re-emerging in the world of fashion. This echoes the return of Stan Smith relaunched by Adidas in the last Chanel show where all the models wore trainers, as well as the collaboration between Ricardo Risci (head designer of Givenchy) with Nike.

  • Trendy chic – Mabelle model oversized raincoat, one size, €195/$250/£165. There are 2 versions: grey background and white background. The hood is integrated into the collar. A fashion-forward, oversized cut made of technical nylon, worn with skinny jeans and stilettos. Embodying trendy chic, a true fashion accessory, for a casual or more put together look. Works for all body types NB: Do not fold into its pocket.

  • SPORT CHIC - Noël model, fitted raincoat, 2 sizes, €245/$320/£195. It comes in 1 colour. Folds into its own front pocket. Designed like a sweatshirt, a sporty look with a feminine silhouette. It can be worn "sporty" or "fashionably casual" with skinny jeans and stilettos. Technical production justifies the higher price. Laminated mesh with a waterproof application. Water-resistant faux leather details.

    Urban chic – Iconic K-way Claudette model, 3 sizes, €195/$250/£165. Cross-cut. Reversible black: urban, goes with all looks. Reversible panther: sharper, adds stylish detail to a look. Folds into the right pocket of the black side.

  • Discover the Maje x Kway world in this exclusive video
  • After numerous collaborations in music, Maje joined Elle magazine in 2010 for the launch of "ELLE EN SCENE", a live tour of chic and trendy concerts.

    Centred around a strong, original concept, together the two brands organise new concerts throughout France with renowned artists.

    Charlie Winston, -M-, Yaël Naim, Raphaël, Aaron, Selah Sue, the group Metronomy and most recently Ayo and Imany, have all appeared on stage for "ELLE EN SCENE" to offer the public shows in line with their image.

  • This is primarily the story of an encounter between Judith Milgrom, Tania and Cécile of Putafranges. These trendy djs regularly collaborate with brands like Chaumet, Vuitton and Prada…

    Together they create a true "glamrock" universe where the essential pieces of the female wardrobe are revisited in a mini-collection of 18 pieces inspired by their electro-rock world.

    A true visual identity is created, with the appearance of a new logo.

    In January 2009, Colette, the ultimate benchmark for fashion and trends, dedicated a new 25m2 space to the Maje collection and Putagfranges. The collection was exclusively sold there for 15 days before being made available in all Maje shops.

  • The story started in May 2010. Like every other morning, Judith Milgrom, the designer behind MAJE, was leafing through the daily paper with a cup of tea in hand. Her gaze fell upon the silhouette of a young American woman. Her style was unique, very individual... an allure that was at once rock and extremely chic. Her name?

    Vanessa Traina, 24 years old and already on her way to becoming a new fashion icon. Published in the most influential magazines, followed by bloggers and the darling of the new wave of New York designers, she is the it girl of the moment.

    Emails were exchanged, a late-night phone call was made, an agreement was reached with her agent, and the meeting was set. Vanessa was all set to come to Paris to meet Judith. With the pressure mounting and D Day approaching, the studio waited in anticipation. Before long, the slender silhouette appeared.

    Through perfect etiquette and an irresistible smile, Judith was won over and the meeting transformed into a work session. After exchanges, fittings and cross discussions, it was decided: Vanessa would be the muse of the next two Maje campaigns, but not only that... In getting to know her more personally, Judith discovered Vanessa's passion for fashion and her potential as a stylist. Already very involved in the realm of fashion, she was consulting for several major brands.

    For the Spring Summer 2011 collection, Judith entrusted her with the creation of a 14-piece capsule collection. With complete freedom, Vanessa interpreted her vision of fashion according to her own likes and style: inspired by the 90s, she designed minimalist, chic, refined pieces. Made of silk and delicate lace, each piece expressed sensuality and precise cuts.

    The collection was unveiled at Barneys in New York, San Francisco and Beverly Hills in March of 2011, then sold in all Maje stores and corners in France and abroad.

  • In Spring-Summer 2013, Maje renews its collaboration with Alexa Chung as the muse of its campaign. More than just a good match, a common passion for fashion is what ties Judith Milgrom to Alexa. Recognised for her sharp sense of style, Alexa has the gift of reinventing her looks in a personal and inspiring way. It is only natural then that Judith initiated a new concept, entitled Majed by*, and entrusted her muse with reinterpreting the looks of the Spring-Summer 2013 collection.

    From the entire Maje collection, Alexa selected looks worn by 3 girls chosen through an international competition, launched simultaneously on 7 December 2012 on the brand's France and USA Facebook pages. Each participant had to showcase her imagination, style and personality. A true style competition, the winners were invited by Maje to New York to participate in a photo shoot. The looks were revealed in all the shops and the Maje online boutique during Paris Fashion Week in February 2013.

    *Majed = Conjugated verb translating an artistic collaboration initiated by Maje. It means wearing a total Maje look selected by a fashion icon or a renowned fashion editor.

  • See the backstage video of the photo shoot in New York
  • Act 1

    A history of heart and compassion rarely seen is what unites Judith Milgrom with Professor Francine Leca's Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.

    Passion for a fair fight, treating children born with heart defects, wherever they come from, and giving them the chance to be operated on, whatever the cost...

    To support this ambitious project, Judith Milgrom and Professor Francine Leca invited 27 different types of artists to join them:

    Adam Love*, Aurèle, André*, Ariel Wizman*, Garance Doré, Guillaume Canet*, Melle Agnès, Mouton collet*, Nadège Winter, Kuntzel&Deygas*, Philippe Katerine*, Phoenix, Sam Baron*, Tania Bruna Rosso&François Audiffren*, Vanessa Paradis*, Marco Zanuso jr, Jean-Philippe Delhomme*, Ezra Petronio*, Frederic Beigbeder, Olympia le Tan*, Ora ito, Artus de Lavilléon*, Matthieu Chedid*, Kitsuné.

    All have contributed a work exhibited and sold at Bon Marché with the proceeds going to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, during the official opening party of the operation in October 2009.

  • Some of these works were adapted into scarves that were sold in all the Maje boutiques in France.

    For Judith, the challenge was in exceeding the goals. It is clear that these three passionate ladies achieved a hands-down success.

    In total, the operation saved eleven children thanks to the sales of the works and scarves.

    This success brings true joy and warms the hearts of these three women, driven by the same generosity.

    *artists whose works were adpted into scarves

  • Act 2

    Following the success of the initial edition supported by 24 artists, the press and its customers, Professor Francine Leca & Judith Milgrom - always striving to contribute more, insatiable when it comes to others - decided to renew their efforts by inviting others to join their cause.

    For this second edition, Daphné Burki, Mélanie Laurent, Gilles Lellouche and Thomas Dutronc each signed a piece of scarf-jewellery exclusively for sale in Maje boutiques.

    With the approach of the holidays, students from École bleue (School of interior architecture and design), under the leadership of their Director, Jean-Marie Lemesle, joined them in the project and took up the challenge of showcasing the Association and the commitment of Professor Francine Leca through an installation in the Maje windows.

    Maje, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and École bleue prolonged the magic and offered a beautiful surprise that winter for passers-by by putting together an exceptional installation at the Place du Palais Royal based on the theme of the gift of life given to each of these children after their heart operation.