Judith Milgrom prefers to think that a garment has a soul and that it can tell a story. The history of Maje captures this delicate philosophy. Maje is the success story of a “fashion child” who was introduced to the art of crafting garments at a very early age. The story of Maje is that of a girl who has always been fascinated by fabrics, embroideries and lace, just like her mother and grandmother, from whom she learned.

Judith created the name “Maje” as a combination of the initials of the names of her loved ones. Judith is a heroine, a woman of action and ambition, but above all, a designer who knows that behind each of her creations lies a woman. The Maje wardrobe, inspired by her determination, blends the classic and the original with a focus on glamorous pieces and sharp details. The Maje spirit is a resolutely feminine silhouette, both simple and bold.

Though Judith asserts herself in her trendy, sensual, and authentic creations, her commitment goes beyond fashion. She recently gathered numerous artists for a project to support Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque (Cardiac Surgery Sponsorship), an organization whose main cause is to provide care to children born with heart defects. In a completely different arena, Judith, through Maje, also expresses herself musically by supporting the ELLE Magazine project ELLE On Stage, a new concert series which corresponds to the the Maje “rock n’ folk” and bohemian image. Another high point for Judith was taking her first steps on the Croisette red carpet at the the Cannes Festival.

Maje is a beautiful story, an eclectic wardrobe mirroring the image of its creator’s passion and effervescence.